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Jason Miller Reel

Jason Miller Reel

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This reel provides a glimpse into the visual journey of Jason Miller. 


The Toronto-based journalist and producer has committed much of the last decade to crafting captivating visuals and in the process, amassing a body of work that includes commercials, short films and a feature length documentary, which premiered on Television Ontario (TVO) in 2017.


Miller is now investing his penchant for storytelling into the development of several television products including a culinary show and two screenplays.

Some Sort of Judas - Documentary Trailer

Some Sort of Judas - Documentary Trailer

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Kevin Williams, a once-popular Toronto rapper known as Mayhem Morearty, became a Crown witness and informant against his former associate Mark Moore, a serial killer who shot four men in cold blood in 2010. Fearing for his life and ostracized by his community for breaking its code of silence, Williams is released from prison into an uncertain future.


Jason Miller

Volunteer and Information Quinte Commercial

VIQ Presents: "It Is Selfless" (Extended Cut)

VIQ Commercial celebrating some of it's hardworking and dedicated volunteers by showing the transition between their daily routines and their volunteering duties.

Directed by: Richard Obeng

Produced by: Jason Miller

Production Company: C9 ENT

June 12, 2013

Anti-Bullying PSA

After a spate of suicides amongst Canadian youth sparked public outcry about the devastating effects of bullying on young people, director Rich Obeng and Jason Miller teamed up to craft a jarring PSA to raise awareness. The messaging calls out the equally as culpable 'helping hand' that remains idle in the midst of bullying: the bystanders who stood in silence rather than speaking out (as stated in a Huffington Post feature interview with its director, Rich Obeng).


Executive Producer: Jason Miller

Oct 16, 2012

Chevy Commercial

In the first of many collaborations from the creative trio Jason Miller, Rich Obeng of Anansi Minds, and the Mind Refinery's Kyle Bodanis – behind TVO's feature true-documentary Some Sort of Judas – they teamed up to enter a General Motors commercial contest for which they would go on to be shortlisted. Capturing scenes from downtown Oshawa, a city just east of Toronto with a storied history of making some of the best General Motors vehicles in North America and a more recent tale of reinvention, the commercial elegantly draws into focus the features of the then highly-touted Chevrolet Cruze.


Executive Producer/Producer: Jason Miller

Image by Zircarmel Dorcely



Synopsis: Coco King, a charismatic sports student at university in Jamaica gets news of her crime boss Father’s serious illness and goes to visit him in London. During a heated altercation with her father he suffers a fatal heart attack and dies in her arms leaving her badly shaken up. 


Lost in the turmoil of guilt and despair and following a drug and alcohol fueled visitation from her father’s ghost she suspects foul play and sees a pathway to redemption. As Coco sets about unmasking her father’s murderer she gets sucked deeper and deeper into the perilous activities of his formidable east London criminal organization.


Copyright ©️ Paul Bucknor 2019


Paul Bucknor’s film producer credits include Oscar winner The Full Monty and Jamaican cult classic Better Must Come.




PLATED Jamaica

A culinary series by the Mind Refinery, created by Jason Miller and Kyle Bodanis.




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