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Jason Miller joined my Journalism – Mass Media first-year, first semester course as part of a panel on Racialized Representation in Media. Jason’s approach to the content was personal and reflective but also full of examples from not only his body of work but the Canadian media. Jason stressed the importance of inclusivity in media and spoke to the role journalists play in creating an inclusive media industry which provides meaningful and thoughtful information to civic society. Jason interacted with fellow panelists to build knowledge transfer and the response from students was enthusiastic.

Teresa Goff

School of Media, Art & Design (MAD)
Journalism – Mass Media

Durham College

Jason Miller has been a supporter of Loyalist College’s Journalism-Communications program for some years. As a member of our Program Advisory Committee, he takes part in twice-yearly sessions with our students to review their work and give them tailored feedback to help them succeed in their communications careers. This is an incredibly valuable experience for the students, but it requires a lot of time on Jason’s part, and we’re so grateful for his sharing of his time and expertise. As well, he has given presentations to our classes on what’s involved in reporting on the courts. The students (a tough crowd to please) always love these sessions. Jason shoots from the hip and tells it like it is, and his anecdotes from his own reporting experience add colour and credibility. He gives these future journalists excellent tips for navigating the complexities and idiosyncrasies of the court system, the people who work in it, and the people who end up in legal proceedings. Jason is easily among the most popular speakers that our program has ever hosted.

Jason Miller was a guest speaker in my first-year multiplatform reporting class. He was part of a panel focusing on bias and racism in crime data and reporting. When I was looking for people who could speak to this issue, I was told by journalist and journalism instructor Anita Li that Jason “was full of insights”--this was irrefutably proven during his visit to my class. Jason engaged and informed by sharing stories about issues he faced as a reporter and wider concerns within the justice system. He addressed questions from students with candor and authenticity, making them feel comfortable to speak out and share their concerns. When the class was over, multiple students shared what a beneficial experience it had been to have him in the classroom and how important it was to gain Jason’s perspective. Before he had even left the Zoom meeting, I knew I would invite him back again.

Dr. Nicole Blanchett


Associate Professor

School of Journalism

Ryerson University

Jason is not only a trailblazing graduate of our program who has gone on to work at the Toronto Star, but he has mentored aspiring journalists at Durham in many ways, particularly as a guest speaker on numerous occasions. His talks are engaging, lively, thought-provoking and also smile-inducing, reflective of Jason himself.

Jason has also been giving of his time to the program on a curriculum level, serving as a valued member of our Program Advisory Committee, which offers professional guidance to ensure our courses are current and relevant in their offerings.

Jason’s contributions to our program are both respected and appreciated by students and
faculty alike.

Katherine Sedgwick



Loyalist Journalism-Communications

Brian Legree


Professor and Coordinator
Journalism – Mass Media
School of Media, Art and Design
Durham College

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